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The Gallery

Opening up the thumbnails reveals picture

info & associated poetry.

“Sensuous and surreal,

with numerous startling and vivid images” 

- Don Thomas, Author of 'White Hotel'.


A small series of mysterious works painted in oils on canvas,

depicting street life and more specifically

couples that inhabit them.

Bottom is a poem that goes

with Yellow Street 1 below.




What happens down Yellow Street?

Butchers selling mouldy meat,

mad dogs panting in the yellow heat,

luscious ladies lingering.

Large breasted ones singing,

men dancing out of sight,

corridors, alleyways,

things happening on various days.

I don’t know, I’m not part of their play

what goes on beyond the pathway.

Opening after opening

doors sway, pink, yellow, white days

delicate edge of my raw paint,

tattered and fragile.

Coffee shops stained with whores,

curiosity peers and steers

what happens year after year.

No more fights

with beer and brawl

they still seem to fall

and get up shaking hard

as they sing along with the local bard

“for he’s a jolly good fellow”.



" The more I look at and read

(mary's works)

the more I am astounded "

- Juliet Johns


A small selection of quirky and eccentric characters

that populate many of my paintings.

These samples - on small canvases - have a sketchy quality about them.