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The Artist at Plymouth Hoe,Cornwall.jpg
'I am a painter and writer of poetry, living in
St Austell, Cornwall, one of the poorest, yet most inspiring towns in England.
This setting and that of my unusual family history, has had a huge impact in
my creative life.'
various paintings on display at Penrose

Work on display at Penrose Kitchens, Shortlanesend, Truro, Cornwall.

I feel united to my ancestors and those I love, through my work.

Both light and dark, prosperous or floundering.

Art and poetry for me are inextricably linked because they come

from the same place -

my life's experiences and the contrasting world around me -

the beauty, violence,

ugliness, vulnerable fragility,

perfection and imperfection

along with one's powerful spiritual need to survive against all odds.

I work in a space with citrus trees set in the inspiring Cornish landscape

with viaducts, clay pits, rivers,

woodlands and the beautiful sea.

In 2001, I began working with a textural and gestural approach -

now a characteristic signature

of my work.

Over several focused sessions I build form and colour, seeking to innovate while remaining true

to my initial impulse, intimately connected to each stage of

the creative process.

At my most 'free' I feel the work takes on a life of it's own,

bringing elements of my history out onto the canvas and into the light.

My influences are eclectic:

Francis Bacon's work has helped to ground me in my emotions.

Marc Chagall's has inspired my 'free' approach and love of colour,

and Jean de Brunhoff's illustrations from 'Babar'

have been a wonderful touchstone.


Outside my pop up shop 'Toulouse Goose Gallery'

in St Austell.

I have been part of a writers' group (Stray Dogs) for seven years; the members are very precious to me.

They helped to snaffle my galloping horse's style of writing (as described by founder and genius author D.M.Thomas

whose understanding approach encouraged me with my poetry and painting; he always gave me hope).

Some of the poverty in my town drove me to set up

Alchemy Arty Parties (previously 'Trenance') six years ago to give back to the community.

My son was diagnosed with autism; it was difficult to juggle the circumstances with pursuing a career.

In that sense it was hard being a single parent.

Creating and culture, celebrating in style, with live music,

dancing, art, vintage clothing,

and cocktails where all are welcome, gives me a vital

connection with the community.

My children often join in and exhibit their work too.

This gives them confidence.

The community is electrifying and one of the most caring, kind communities

I have come across.

Inside the artists studio.jpg

Lemon tree's jostle for space with paintings and art materials in my workspace.

 My works can be found for sale here:

Penrose Kitchens, Shortlanesend, Cornwall

The Original Art Shop, Truro Cornwall


I also host private exhibitions at my home in St Austell, which include

my own work, together with the work of local Cornish artists,

details of which can be found on my facebook page

( Artist Mary Clare De Pentheny ) 


Contact Me..

I produce exclusive prints on a high end
Giclee printer.
I now only use Cotton High White paper for environmental reasons
and it shows off my textured work particularly well.
Only limited numbers are printed.
For more information on these, inquiries regarding commissioned work
or any of the paintings featured in my gallery
please contact me here:

PHONE: 07944793686   EMAIL:

Thank You!

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